colorFabb LW ASA

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This is our most basic LW-ASA, no colourants added either Black or Natural. When foamed the surface finish is matte.

The LW-ASA material is capable of increasing its volume nearly 2,5 times. Meaning parts can be printed with reduced flowrate down to 40%. The filament density is close to 1,07 g/cm3 but when foamed at its maximum capacity and printed at 40% flowrate users will achieve part density close to 0,43 g/cm3.

Like regular ASA the LW-ASA features inherent UV stability and high temperature resistance of 96C. Rest assured this material will be more capable of handling increased temperatures compared to our LW-PLA.

LW-ASA is more susceptible to warping compared to LW-PLA type filament. Especially models with a large footprint can shrink and warp during printing, but compared to ABS in most cases less severe.

Apart from using a large brim and heated buildplate of 90-100C (or higher if your machine is capable) we can also advice the following. Print a tall skirt around your model to reduce cold air flow around the printed model or print inside an enclosure for better control of the environment temperature.

Please note that color variations may occur. Color will turn lighter when material is at maximum foamed state as opposed to non-foamed state which shows a deeper and richer color.

  • Light weight
  • UV resistant
  • High temperature resistant
colorFabb - LW-ASA
Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.1 mm
1,07g/cm3 (unfoamed)
0,43 g/cm3 (foamed, printed at 40% flowrate)

Vicat softening  Temperature:

Adviced 3D printing temperature 
Adviced 3d print speed
30-50 mm/s
Advised Heated bed 
Cooling fan

To reduce warping we would advice to use the least amount of cooling possible. Also for best mechanical performance try printing with the least amount of cooling needed, for optimal layer adhesion.