Useful Links

If you're visiting our store it means one of two things.... your either in the process of buying a printer or you've already taken the plunge... we've added a selection of useful links below for applications you may need along the way, . - A free slicing programme - A nice easy introduction to CAD, have a go at creating your own designs - This one is a bit more involved than TinkerCad, first year is free then you have to pay a subscription. Check out youtube for instructional videos - another slicer programme check the website for pricing options - Very similar to Cura can be run alongside OctoPrint - Not only a slicer programme but also can be used to create a web interface between your printer and your smart device. Imagine remote printing!! Here at FP3D we will have an area dedicated page for automation including Octoprint, necessary boards, firmware and cameras. Watch this space!
The above is only a selection, if you find anything else that you think works spread the word..let us know and we will add to the list.

Now the important stuff!!

What are you going to print? We've added a selection of websites below for you to explore. Whether it be functional prints, Cosplay helmets or you want to make T Rex arms for your chicken (this is a thing!!) it's all there
Again there's many many more and if you find anything you think we should shout out let us know!
oh.. and chicken arms are here...