colorFabb nGen Flex

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nGen_FLEX is best described as a semi-flexible filament with a shore hardness of 95A. It can be fed through a Bowden tube and printed at regular speeds. It is temperature resistant to about 125C. This means that printed objects can be steam sterilized at 121C. For a functional part that needs to remain hidden, or unnoticed. nGen_FLEX Dark Gray is that filament for you.

colorFabb nGen_FLEX
Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.1 mm
1.13 g/cm3
Glass Transition Temperature:


Advised 3D printing temperature 
Advised 3d print speed
40 - 60 mm/s
Advised Heated bed 
80C + buildTak
Cooling fan
nGen_FLEX gives best results on a buildTak covered build plate, heated at around 80C. Make sure the distance between nozzle and build plate is not too close, first layer should not be squeezed too much.