colorfabb MetalFill - 750g

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MetalFil is colorFabbs own take on metal composite PLA's. These filaments require specific settings for the best possible results.


The high steel content of the MetalFill material makes this filament quite abrasive to brass nozzles. It’s not as bad as the carbon fiber, XT-CF20 materials, but can effect the print quality after printing 1.5 kg. Therefore it’s recommended for this grade of metal filled filament to print with abrasive resistant nozzles, for instance the E3D hardened steel nozzle.


MetalFill can be printed on a cold platform simply using blue painters tape. If your machine does include a heated build plate then we recommend setting it to about 50C for nice flat bottom layers. When the 3D printer is finished printing the part let the platform cool back down to room temperature.
Layer height

For your first test prints with MetalFill we recommend using layer heights of 0.2mm up to 0.27mm when using 0.4mm nozzles. Generally this will create a good amount of flow with most standard speed settings which will prevent heat from the hot end migrating through the filament into the cold end of the extruder.

When choosing smaller layer heights, remember to adjust either print speed (more) or reduce temperature slightly to accommodate for the lower volume of material being extruded.