NinjaTek Armadillo

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Armadillo filament by Ninjatek is a high performing rigid material, providing 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials. Its toughness ratings are superior to commonly used materials, 86 times greater than that of ABS. It is an excellent material to use for bridging, with virtually no warping issues.

When you need a rigid product that can withstand wear and tear, the Armadillo resistance to fracturing makes it a perfect replacement.

Shore hardness: 75D

Suggested Applications: braces, fasteners, gears and protective covers.

Extruder Temperature
220°C – 230°C
Platform Temperature
Room temperature – 45°C

Advised Heated bed 
Glue or blue painters tape is suggested if not using a heated bed.

Top and bottom layers
15-20 mm/ sec (900-1800 mm/ min)
Infill speeds
45-60 mm/ sec (2700-3600 mm/ min)
Layer 2+ use cooling fan if available.