Platinum LCD Series General Purpose Resin - 500ml

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Platinum LCD Series - General Purpose Resin is available in true clear, translucent and opaque colours and 3D prints almost odourless with extremely high accuracy and smooth surface finish

Key features

  • Almost no odour  - Compared to other resins on the market our Platinum LCD resin is relatively odour-free!

  • UV & weather resistant

  • Fast printing with short curing times

  • High-resolution 3D printing with fine detail

  • Vivid colors with an extremely high level of colorfastness

    • Truly opaque and translucent colors available

    • No discoloration and/or yellowing

  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and low shrinkage

  • Low water absorption

  • Compatible with all open source LCD and DLP in the range of 385 - 420nm


  • Figurines and models

  • Functional prototyping

  • End-use products

Resin properties (uncured liquid)

  • Viscosity: 500 cps at 25°C

  • Density: 1.18 g/cm2