Mosquito Liquid HotEnd

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Mosquito® Liquid uses the same patented Slice Engineering technology found in the standard, air-cooled Mosquito® hotend, but optimized for liquid cooling in heated enclosures. Like all Slice hotends, Mosquito® Liquid is completely Made in the USA, out of top end materials. The liquid cooling block is precision machined out of a super conductive copper alloy, and coated with a non-marring, highly inert, gold-colored plating that allows for use with any commercially available coolant. Liquid also features our latest Bimetallic Heat Break™ - the first version to be totally conductively cooled. The hotend is available with or without liquid fittings.

- Mosquito® Base Liquid - Compact (x1)
- Hot Block Hardware (x1)
- Mosquito® Heat Break - Conduction (x1)
- Mosquito® Hot Block (x1)
- Hotend Wrench Set (x1)

With Liquid fittings also includes the below:

- Eisele Elbow Fittings - 6 or 8mm OD (2 PCS) (x1)

- Unit mass: 74 grams
- Comes Fully Assembled

Elbow fittings bagged seperately