Varipower Bed

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Looking for a heated bed to provide more even heat distribution across the print surface? E3D varipower PCB beds gives excellent heat distribution across the bed by diverting more power to the edges, providing improved bottom layer adhesion, reducing the risk of warping.

Capable of a maximum operating temperature of 120°C, our Varipower beds are ideal for standard printing cases.  If you’re looking to print at higher temperatures then please see our high-temperature beds. 

Varipower beds come with leads pre-attached, ready to be connected directly to the printer mainboard. Insulation is also provided, with cork pre-attached to the underside of the bed. Pair your 3mm PCB bed with Borosilicate glass to help maintain a flat print surface. 

The 300x200mm Varipower bed can be used as a  direct replacement for the BigBox and ToolChanger Motion System heated beds*.

Please note:

These beds are available in 24v only.

Do not print directly on the PCB surface the use of a borosilicate glass bed is required.

If you do plan on using the Varipower bed with the ToolChanger you will need to use an additional 400w power supply to run the bed from, or source a single power supply rated to at least 600w.

Key features:

- Even heating across the bed

- Cables pre-attached

- Max operating temperature of 120°C

- Pre cork backed